Try to calmly talk to your husband. Perhaps now he is not the best period in life, for example, trouble at work or health problems, so it is not so much dissatisfied wife, how much decor at all. Try to determine the cause of his behavior, pessimism, depression. And then make an effort to return to her beloved man a taste for life.
Ask the wife directly that he is not satisfied in your family life. When he will reproach you, for example, a poorly ironed shirt or tasteless dinner, explain to him that it's the little things. Ask him a specific question: "What don't you like me?" Tell me what you want to change for the better that you do not wish to destroy family relationships, but you need to know exactly what caused his rebukes. A direct question will make a man think.
Do not allow yourself to fall apart, fuss and be offended. Under no circumstances don't point out his mistakes in response. This will only aggravate the situation. Agree with him from time to time. Promise that next time will do as he wants. However, you can count on respect from the husband to you and your work.
Show him that you are struggling to please him in everyday life. Praise yourself, for example: "Look, I had a baby and was able to maintain the perfect shape that you could be proud of me" or "I ironed your suit to at work tomorrow, you look flawless".
Don't react to criticism so painful. When you get annoyed, get upset, swear, give your husband a reason to complain to you again. Miss him grumbling on deaf ears, don't let him spoil your good mood. You prove myself and my husband, you are such a strong self-sufficient woman. Most let a break go household and relax.