How to apologize

If a guy is hurt, give him time to cool down and think about what happened. Premature apologies and clarify the relationship can lead to a new quarrel. Only do not tighten with an apology. The time-out in a day or two is enough.

If you are guilty – apologize to loved the first. Just be sincere. Simulated tears and tantrums will not help. Tell us honestly about your feelings and admit the error.

Take care of a young man. Arrange him a nice surprise, massage or feed them something delicious. Let him feel dear to you.

It is better to ask for forgiveness from the guy himself, when you see the eyes and reactions to each other. Apologies by phone or through the Internet, the recipient may ignore it.

Don't promise during the apology the fact that you can't fulfill. And if you promise – keep your word. Said that will no longer be late for appointments – be punctual!

Don't be Intrusive and don't let the guy humiliate you. Even criminals deserve pardons and forgiveness. Apologize, but do not make excuses.

Learn from the mistakes

During an argument, try not to beat on the patient and not to rush phrases that will hurt a partner. Expressed negatively in relation to the situation or act, but did not touch the identity of the men.

If you feel that you can't hold back on the barbs, " go away. The pause will allow you to cool you and your guy. You will not have time to tell each other what then would be ashamed of.

Gently make claims as they arise. Learn to speak with your beloved about your feelings. Then the accumulated resentment will not break out in a rude manner, which greatly hurt the partner.

Don't insult her boyfriend in front of others, especially his friends and loved ones. This will cause strong resentment and disappointment in you.

Don't be fooled by someone close. Lies destroys relationships. If you discredit yourself in the eyes of the guy, to regain the trust will not be easy.

When to put up useless...

If a guy is not ready to accept your lifestyle or friends and is constantly offended for no reason. In this situation, you will either have to change yourself or find a more understanding partner.

If the offense guy – a defensive reaction. Often the shortcomings in us looking for those who have finger in the pie. His offense, the young person may divert your attention from your faults.

If the offense is the reason for the breakup. Sometimes the man is easier to come up with an imaginary reason to end a relationship with a girl, than honestly admit that he met another.