Compatibility male Sagittarius with the signs of the air

The most suitable Zodiac signs for Sagittarius are Gemini and Libra. Women Gemini and Libra very well understand the desire of Sagittarius to freedom and not trying anything to limit. In such pairs will reign complete emotional harmony, as these partners have the same views on relationships and family.

Aquarius woman is also a good match for Sagittarius. It is better than others knows how to channel his boundless energy in a constructive direction. But none of the partners is not committed to the stability and family life, so this relationship does not always end in marriage.

Compatibility male Sagittarius with the signs of the fire

Among the fire signs for a male Sagittarius best partner is a Leo. This Alliance is fairly common in life. Woman and man in this couple understand each other and have many common interests, so you can easily make your life together like an endless feast. With a female Aries Sagittarius may be passionate, but brief affair: she was too jealous and demanding for relations with freedom-loving man.

With a woman your sign of Sagittarius is also possible whirlwind romance, which will be a lot of passion and colourful moments. Man and woman-Sagittarius perfectly meet the needs of each other, because they want the same things: romance, travel and fresh experiences. But for a long-term relationship, this Union is less successful, as the life together of this couple is filled with conflict and mutual nagging.

Compatibility male Sagittarius with the signs of the earth

Sagittarius bad working with representatives of the element of earth. Earth signs tend to create a durable and stable relationship and the male Sagittarius with his inconstancy and levity absolutely not up to it. However, a bright love he might develop with a female Calf. Although both are very different from each other and have different goals in life, true love between them is possible.

Compatibility male Sagittarius with the signs of water

To reach an understanding with the signs of the water element and Sagittarius is the most difficult, so such alliances are rare. However, Scorpio and Pisces can bring a romantic man-Sagittarius its mystery. Between these signs there is a mutual attraction that could develop into a love affair, but Sagittarius will not be able to build a long and harmonious relationship with the women of the water signs. They need a deep emotional connection with a partner, that goes against desire men-Sagittarius for independence.