Advice 1: How to check balance on the map "Alfa-Bank"

Paying for purchases in cash, you can always determine how much money remained in my wallet. It is much harder to check the balance on your account if you used to pay with a plastic card. However, if the card issued by Alfa-Bank, you have the possibility to check the account status using the Internet-Bank "Alfa-Click".
How to check balance on the map "Alfa-Bank"
You will need
  • - a computer connected to the Internet;
  • browser;
  • phone standard GSM;
  • account at Alfa-Bank;
  • connection to the Internet-Bank "Alfa-Click".
To check the status of your account linked to the card, point your browser to the page Click on the button "Login to Internet-Bank "Alfa-Click", which can be seen on the right side of the home page of Bank website.
On the login page enter the username and password. Click the button "Login". The username in this case is a sequence of seven numbers, issued at check-connection "Alfa-Click".

The password can be entered as usual, and the virtual English keyboard, which will appear on the screen immediately after you click on the field to enter the password. Typically, the keyboard opens on top of the field. If necessary, you can move the virtual keyboard in the direction by means of the mouse.
Within a few minutes, your phone should receive a TEXT message with one-time password to log in to your account. Enter the received password in the form to login. If it so happened that the password is incorrect, click on the button "Get password" and enter the combination.
Click on the tab "My account". On the opened page you can view the status of their accounts. If you are interested in a detailed report on the operations of one of the accounts, click on the line number for the account.
Useful advice
As a rule, information about the existence of online banking and its capabilities is provided when opening an account at Alfa Bank. If you have no access to the "alpha-Click", you can leave the application form on the website of the Bank.

Connect access "Alfa-Click" can be using the ATM of alpha Bank. In order to do this, select in the ATM menu the item "other operations". From the menu that appears, select the "Internet Bank Alfa-Click" and select the option "Connect". You will need to specify the phone number that will receive messages with passwords. The login will be listed on the receipt that you will print at the end of the operation.

As of 2011, the connection to the Internet Bank is free of charge.

Advice 2: How to check the account on the map

To check the balance on the account, Bank cards are usually easy. You can do this at any ATM, by phone or via the Internet. Basically, this option is free, but may cost a small fee, charged monthly, yearly or one-time.
One way to quickly check the remaining money on the card - ATM
You will need
  • - a plastic card;
  • phone Bank;
  • - mobile or landline phone;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - scratch card (if available) and coin;
  • ATM.
Unlike plastic card cash wallet that you can't tell how much of her money. There could be billions, maybe zero. Many banks provide a service to inform the client about the balance on the account and all money on it via SMS and/or email.
Notice of the transfer and withdrawal of money in the account come after each operation. In addition, once per day, the Bank informs the account balance.This service can be charged separately or be included in the package price with the annual or monthly Commission. But not always it allows you to answer how much money is available now.
One way to quickly check the balance on the card ATM. It is not necessary to search a device from my Bank, will fit any that will be on hand.Insert the card into the ATM, enter the PIN and select the option "account Balance" (or "account Balance"). Some ATMs print immediately a receipt with the answer to our question, others offer a choice - bring it on the receipt or on the screen.By giving an answer, the ATM often have a choice whether you want another transaction (withdraw cash, pay via the device services, etc.) or pick up a card. But there are those who immediately give card.
To verify the account by phone, you need to call the Bank. The phone listed on the reverse side of the card. Often, along with the city room is available and free for the caller with the prefix 800. The conversation in this case paid by the Bank. This is useful if calls from mobile phone or from another city.
Most likely, the answering machine will answer, and tips which will inform you which key to press to select the desired option.For identification, the Bank will be asked to enter the card number. Usually also requires a special code that the client receives along with the card, when connected to the service or myself comes up when you activate the card.
If you have Internet banking (provided by most credit institutions, as in modern conditions without it in the banking services usually makes no sense) balance can be easily verified via the Internet. To do this, go to the relevant page on the Bank website and enter a username and password.
Some banks give customers the scratch card with varying codes. The system asks for the ID number that the client erases the protective field on the map next to its number(preferably with the edge of a coin) and enters the opened code. Then just navigate the links in the interface of the system.
Some banks charge a fee for the verification of the card account balance through foreign ATMs. In this case, with a small residue it is better to use your your Bank or other free methods.
Useful advice
The benefit of using the services via telephone and SMS to inform about the account balance depends on the tariff policy of the Bank. In some it may be provided free or included in the services for which the customer is charged a fixed annual or monthly fee.
For use bankingom a Commission is usually not charged.
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