Specifically to manage services in the network "Skylink" there is a subscriber portal, Montana. Click on the link There you will see a form to enter a username and password. After login you can not only easily check the status of a subscriber account, but to take full advantage of the personal account user "Skylink".
Just to find the balance, but not to login to system, enter your subscriber number in the field for login. In this case, you will immediately see a summary of the status of the account.
For the Windows operating system to the system there is a SkyPoint client. You can download it from this site. To the right of the login form you will see a small box that lists the capabilities of the system "Skypoint". The most recent item posted the link where you can download a program SkyBalance. It will allow you to always be aware of how much I have left on the account.
To check the balance, call the customer service telephone number. Enter your network "Skylink" 555, then 1 and again 1. You will listen to information about the balance sheet. Typing 555, you can also listen to the voice menu. Moving along it, you will be able to configure using the provided operator services.