Aries in conflicts characterized by assertiveness and aggressiveness. He "let off steam", trying to prove his innocence, but holding on to anger will not. These people are incredibly short-tempered, but later regret perfect and trying to smooth his guilt. Aries can invite you to visit or give a gift, pretending that nothing happened. However, to expect that he will apologize, it's not worth it. Aries are easily appeased and do not remember evil, so there is no fear of revenge from their side.
Enraged Taurus – a terrible sight. He is able to demolish everything in its path. However, to bring it to such condition is quite difficult, because he is sure that all problems should be solved peacefully. In those matters that do not affect his personality, you will hardly be able to ruffle him. The bulls are thick-skinned and like to hoard all the petty grievances to yourself. If you will contradict them, you have to listen to a large number of moralizing and whining. The wrongs inflicted Taurus remember for a long time, often they completely stop the communication with the disappointing person. And, to apologize to them does not make sense as they are for life remember the offense, but in the moment don't miss the opportunity to take revenge on her abuser.
If you don't want to lose sight of a person born under the sign of Gemini, do not hurt him. In any conflict the Twins trying to find a way to protect themselves from the explanation of the relationship and resentment. If you manage to engage them in a fight, you will hear about yourself all didn't even know existed. You will be doused from head to toe with mud. In the future, the representatives of this sign are easily expunged from the offender his life.
Cancer should be treated very carefully. Any careless joke or accidentally dropped by a thoughtless word can offend people born under this sign. Problem could be the intonation or the silence of Cancer. It is useless to prove his innocence, the Cancer will not understand the logic of the mind, it would be much better to come to terms with his character and not to create conflict situations. People of this sign are very vulnerable and sensitive, capable of sophisticated deceit, which manifests itself in his revenge.
Resentful lion becomes cold. But if you are fighting will affect his ego, it may get slapped. The behavior of a Lion is unpredictable. To revenge it, most likely, will not fall, but to erase you from my life can. Lions and forgiving, they simply cease to notice the offender. Arguing with a representative of this zodiac sign, try not to lose self-esteem, behave calmly discussing the current problem.
The virgin suffers from low self-esteem, so even a small remark can hurt her feelings. Relationships to figure out Deva immediately becomes. It is, first of all, appreciate order in everything, bringing everything started to end. For starters, a virgin shall bring you to your "black list", but after some time I will Express it all. Discussing the problem with Virgin, get her in his good relationship, and then explain the reasons for their dissatisfaction. The virgin does not become you to threaten and make plans of vengeance, but tucked in any time, even unwillingly, she will get back at you.
Libra is very sensitive. During the conflict, they quickly get lost and not find words in his defence. From nasty words Libra come into a state of deep emotion, and begin to seek out those who would pity them. Anyone who's willing to listen to the offended representative of this zodiac sign, will know what you a bad person. So if you do not want to become the object of gossip, try not to engage the Scales in the conflict. To revenge on such people can not, therefore, a gift and an apology will be enough to forget all the insults.
Life with Scorpio is not easy, to prove his innocence he is useless. Representatives of this sign love the conflict and otherwise provoked. Any hurtful words, said to the Scorpion, will cause immediate and hasty response. With fists on you, he certainly will not attack, but his words will surely amaze you in the heart. Every scandal gives it power, so the offenders need to be always on the alert. Revenge of the Scorpion always gambling, he displays all his moral and physical strength.
Sagittarians do not like to quarrel, quietly skipping past the ears of all the offensive statements in their address. But if you have still got to hurt them for a living, without the big scandal is not enough. Sagittarius is able "to fly make an elephant", so to pacify his anger will not be easy. In any case don't recall in the heat of the scandal of old grudges - the representatives of this sign live in the present. Sagittarians are mad are most likely to be abrupt and rude, as later regret. But the next day they can easily be forgotten.
Capricorn is very conscientious and tries to be honest to solve all the problems. Any conflicts affect it, causing a long time to sort through them in my head and try to find a way to make peace. At this time, the Capricorn will feel overwhelmed and tired. To really insult a person born under this sign can only criticizing his professionalism. To take revenge he is unlikely to be, but to notice you, much less trust you definitely will not. If you do not want problems with offended Capricorn, it is better to acknowledge all their mistakes and convince him that you didn't want to hurt his feelings.
Aquarians are very unpredictable. They are able to joke during the scandal, or, conversely, stubbornly silent, and ignore all the hurtful words on deaf ears. To prove something, to scream or fight they will not. Aquarius when a conflict occurs, just pop the door, and then begin to ignore you. If you love an Aquarius, try not to criticize and not to encroach upon its freedom, or you will lose it. To take revenge on the people born under this sign, you can't.
To hurt the Fish very easily, but to do so they started you to take revenge, it is impossible. All the wrongs they forget quickly. Resenting, Fish keep to themselves and are silent, complaining at the same time on all you loved ones. If not share with anyone, the representatives of this sign lost in myself for a long time and replaying all the hurtful words. To establish a relationship with a Fish is very simple, just an affable and friendly. Such people are very calm and reasonable, and therefore will never offend a person first.