Try not to be late for a date, showing yourself as punctual and able to appreciate someone else's time.

Preparation for a date

Get ready for your date in advance, thinking through an outfit, shoes, makeup, hairstyle and accessories. You have to look stunning but not too provocatively. Too bright makeup and revealing outfits can frighten the man, or to show your levity.

Where to go on a first date

According to statistics, most girls like to spend a first date in a cozy cafe or a romantic walk, which may include going to the movies or outdoor activities for example rollerblading, skating or Cycling. The cafe is better to choose a cozy, where the tables are not too close to each other. From the variety of assortment in the menu, choose lighter meals and desserts, so tuning up a meeting at a light and romantic mood. Time for a first date it is better to choose no later than 18 hours. The best option would be a day or within the evening.

How to behave on a first date

As for behavior, that psychologists suggest is to be yourself. On the first date no pretense and hypocrisy. Don't play roles that are totally uncharacteristic of you in real life, because a man can feel for your game and simply under the pretext of urgent Affairs, to leave you alone. Be who you really are, but good manners and etiquette has not been canceled. Be polite and not too chatty. Don't need to tell you all about your life, be honest, but leave room for little riddles and innuendo. A man loves to solve any woman.

The end of the first date

When the time comes to say goodbye, you can hint the man that you don't mind a second date, not too Intrusive, as if hinting. Be sure to thank the man for a great time. Be loved!