Irregular cycle when the woman is very difficult to calculate the time of ovulation, and it was during this period the probability of conception is highest. But not knowing the date suggests that this process does not occur. Usually it just takes a little more time to conception, and it is difficult to calculate the exact day in advance to predict the zodiac sign of the child.
Before you have a baby, it is better to consult a gynecologist and endocrinologist. They will conduct a survey that will identify the causes of an irregular cycle. Also will recommend ways to rectify the situation. Usually in such cases is a course of vitamins, which helps the expectant mother.
Keep a regular sex life. Doctors say that you need at least 15 times a month to have sex. More frequent attempts will lead to a decrease in the activity of sperm. So how to get pregnant is 2 days before and 4 days after ovulation, in this mode you will definitely get to this period, which will significantly increase the probability of conception.
Sex should be not only regular, but calm. When an expectant mother in a relaxed state the probability of conception increases. Optimal posture in order to have a baby when the woman at the bottom. And after the process you need to lie on my back for 20 minutes. There is a perception that if you raise your legs up and hold in this position for a few minutes, my semen gets to the cervix and this will increase the chance of conception.
Doesn't have to think about pregnancy. It usually occurs within 2-4 months from the moment the young people decided to have a baby. Irregular cycle is not a hindrance, it only can slightly increase the time. Remember that the expectant mother not to worry about ahead of a great period of gestation and birth, and so any stress will not be good for you.