Probable symptom is the changing nature of menstruation. Periods can be heavy or Vice versa — is extremely scarce. Such violations may also be found in various gynecological diseases. For further diagnosis refer to the gynecologist.
The morning sickness can be a symptom of early toxicosis of pregnancy or a symptom of diseases of the digestive system. However, pathology of the digestive system typical other symptoms that are not related to pregnancy. If you began to feel nausea in the morning, consult a gastroenterologist for further diagnosis.
More probable signs of pregnancy include pigmentation of areas of the body — the nipples, the lines along the belly. This happens due to the increase of the level of melanin, after birth, these effects disappear on their own. If you notice any unusual spots on the body make the test for pregnancy and ultrasound follow uterine cavity.
Growing uterus puts pressure on the pelvic organs, particularly bladder, so often a pregnant woman begins to experience frequent urination. Similar symptoms are inflammation of the urinary organs (urethritis, cystitis) and usually accompanied by pain and a burning sensation. To confirm the diagnosis, get tested urine.
Many women who expect a child, there is a change in tastes. Suddenly, they begin to like the unusual combination of ingredients or a desire to eat raw vegetables (e.g., potatoes or beets), meat, lime. If you notice such changes, take a pregnancy test.
The most accurate signs of pregnancy — the presence of HCG in blood or urine and the presence of the fetus in the uterus. A pregnancy test at home, with questionable result give blood for HCG. A positive result means either pregnancy or the presence of a hormone produced tumors of the ovaries. Definitively confirm the presence of a fetus on an ultrasound. Pass this examination.