If your menstrual cycle is not regular, but you want to get pregnant, take to planning conception with a certain degree of seriousness. In this case, you will help maintain a calendar with notes on the occurrence of "critical days", the end. If such a calendar is available, carefully review it and evaluate how much different from each other duration of each of the cycles.
When the cycles in duration are different for a few days, it is not pathology. In this case, safely use the calendar method to calculate ovulation. Can use the online service to determine the most favorable days for conception. This service provides a specialised Internet portals. To calculate select average duration of the menstrual cycle.
If the difference in the length of your cycles is essential, and periods are completely irregular, see the gynecologist. Perhaps this is a result of any violations that may prevent the onset of fertilization.
Planning pregnancy with irregular periods is complicated by the fact that it is impossible to calculate the ovulation calendar method. To determine the time favorable for conception, listen to your body. During the period of release of an egg from the ovary, you may feel pain in the lower abdomen. Ovulation is often accompanied by swelling of the mammary glands, increase in their sensitivity. You can also feel slight discomfort and even nausea.
To more accurately track the time of the onset of ovulation is possible by means of daily measurement of basal temperature. During the period favorable for conception, there is a sharp increase in basal temperature. If you want to be absolutely certain that ovulation occurred at some point, purchase at the pharmacy a few special tests. Spend the Express analysis through the day, starting from the second week of the cycle.
After the establishment of the fact of ovulation schedule conception within a few days after that. This is the most favorable time for pregnancy.