To calculate what days after your period there is a possibility to get pregnant, use the calendar of your menstrual cycle. If you mark the first day of menstruation every month, then you will not be difficult to calculate the duration of the cycle. Count the number of days from one mark to the other throughout the year. When your body works correctly without hormonal disruptions, you get the same figure in each period. Divide this number in half and find out the day of ovulation. For example, counting in perfectly regular cycle that is 28 days date of ovulation, you'll receive a 14 day.
Labeling is favorable for the pregnancy period in the calendar, fill in before and after ovulation for five days. It must be done because it takes into account the viability of sperm that were in the female before ovulation. Male cells are able to fertilize the egg in two days (and according to some sources even 5 days) after intercourse. Also keep in mind that in the body hormonal changes due to nervous shock, experiences, taken drugs, diseases, and many other factors, so the ovulation can move for a few days from the marked date.
If you have irregular menstrual cycle and are hormone disorders time of ovulation calendar method to install almost impossible, and must resort to other ways.
To determine the time of ovulation will help change the basal temperature. To define it - every morning before getting out of bed, measure rectal temperature. Immediately after menstruation, basal temperature less than 37°C, and more precisely, 36.8 - 36.9°C. the Egg is released from the follicle when the temperature reached 36.4 - 36.6 °C. After the ovulation the temperature rises above 37 °C. Knowing the day of ovulation, take the appropriate action: advance avoid sexual intercourse, when unwanted pregnancy, because the sperm retain the function of fertilization to 5 days in your body, or use the day of ovulation if you desire to have children.
After ovulation, the lifespan of the egg about a day – in this time and pregnancy. However, there are times when one menstrual cycle releases two eggs from different ovaries or after discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives they released a few, so the days of likely pregnancy increased.
To determine favorable days for pregnancy can be a special test strip ovulation. They determine the increase in the level of luteinizing hormone in the urine. Start using the strips every day immediately after menstruation, preferably at the same time. A positive test will show two bars, and you will know exactly the day of ovulation, the period when there is maximum probability of getting pregnant.