You will need
  • - a collection of vocal exercises;
  • is the tuning fork;
  • mirror;
  • player with recordings of popular songs;
  • - tissue paper;
  • - a candle.
Determine your type of breathing. Maybe you are by nature know how to breathe correctly, so you only to consolidate existing skills. There are four types of breathing: thoracic, aka the rib or costal margin, two types grodnenskogo (costal-diaphragmatic and lower costal-diaphragmatic), abdominal (diaphragmatic). If thoracic breathing expands the upper part of the chest. The stomach, on the contrary, is retracted. When grodnoregion breathing involved the chest and diaphragm, while the abdominal, consequently, raised and lowered diaphragm. The stomach is inflated, and the chest remains motionless. Women often characterized by thoracic breathing, male abdominal, but there are exceptions. Vocal masters still didn't come to a consensus, which type is better – grodnopromstroi second or abdominal. Experienced vocalist equally fluent in all types of breathing and, if necessary, can use any. It depends on the artistic tasks. Beginner need first get to work aperture.
Learn to make a short but deep breath. Stand up straight, sharply inhale air through the nose and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Exercise is best done in front of a large mirror. See what is the situation with inhale and exhale are the chest and abdomen.
Do the following exercise. Stand up straight. One hand lay on her stomach. Make a short breath, trying to get as much air as possible and then slowly exhale. Your arm should feel inflated, and then takes the normal position of the stomach. When the phrenic and abdominal breathing it is not drawn, it is Possible to control the process, his hand on the lower rib. Ribs when breathing apart.
If you are having problems with the exhale, use some exercise. For example, you can blow out a candle. For the first time put it on such distance on which you can blow out the flame effortlessly. Gradually move the candle.
A good help will be strips of thin paper. Cut ribbons, hang them on a string. Pull the string between the two nails (e.g. in a doorway). Blow on the ribbon, gradually turning from lace.
Try to distribute your breath for a whole musical phrase. Singing is not necessary. Turn on the player with a recording of a familiar song. Inhale at the beginning of the phrase and slowly exhale. It may happen that the end of the phrase you'll still have some amount of air. It is necessary to exhale before the next breath. This can be important when you move to performances of musical works.
Sing one sound. Best to take it to a tuning fork, but you can use a musical instrument available to you home – guitar, piano, flute. Inhale, take the audio and drag it until then, until you exhale all the air.
Repeat the previous exercise, performing a short musical phrase. It is best to take it from a collection of vocal exercises or ear training textbook for the first class. By the way, in the notes for novice singers is usually exactly where you need to take a breath. With