You will need
  • - computer with sound programs Guitar Pro and Sound Forge;
  • tuner (in-line);
  • - microphone and headphone;
  • - musical instrument;
  • - a collection of breathing exercises.
Pay attention to how you breathe. Too many people taking a breath, pushing his chest. Meanwhile, the singer is necessary that the air column relied on the diaphragm. Try to breathe so that the fin remained motionless, and the diaphragm lowered. Control himself, his hand on the side of the waist. Repeat this exercise several times a day.
Learn how to sing one sound. Listen to what height gives you the tuner in a particular position and repeat. First, sing along with the tuner. Listen carefully to yourself and control. If you think that you have it does not work, sing a sound, record your voice in any audio editor and then compare it with the tuner.
Having mastered one sound, sing 2-3 consecutive. Find online notes of any scale. If it is a file with extension gtp, it at once you can open in Guitar Pro. Maybe need part of the range to be rewritten. Select the piece you will be able to sing freely. Sing all sounds in one breath. For this you need to learn how to do a short but deep breath and slow exhale.
Gradually master the whole gamut. When driving up to take your breath at the beginning of the octave, after the fourth stage at the end. In relation to the range of C major this is the breath before the first octave, after FA and then to the second octave. When singing a descending scale, the second breath will come after salt. Try to distribute your breath evenly so as not to choke the last sounds. Over time you will learn to sing in one breath the whole range and even more.
Pick a song you know well. It can be open in the same program, listen to and try to sing. Record your voice, listen to the performance and compare with the melody that gives the program. If you've learned a bit to play, for example, the guitar - find tabs for this song, learn the chords and sing to her own accompaniment. Record and listen to.
Select a song sung by the popular singer. Better if this song has you at the hearing. Put the record and sing along, not forgetting to take a breath in the right places. As a rule, you should breathe in between phrases, so choose a song with clear phrasing. Sing it without accompaniment, record and compare. Don't forget to adjust the places that you do not like. After each "work on mistakes" record your voice again and listen.