Abroad water meters has long been firmly entered into the everyday life, and in Russia they did not manage to settle down completely. Indeed, in some cases, installing them can be a disadvantage, but in order to determine this, you need to consider a few key points.

Calculation of water consumption by the number of tenants

The counters are usually installed under the auspices of the fact that residents will be able to save on monthly payments for water. So it turns out by simple mathematical calculations.

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the region of residence for each of them a daily allowance and water consumption (liters per person). For example, it is 100 liters of hot water and 250 cold day. This amount You pay in the absence of water meters.

Actual consumption: about 200 liters – filling baths, 30 (plus or minus 10) litres – taking a shower, 30-90 litres washing machine consumes about 10 liters goes for washing dishes and another 5-10 gallons for handwashing. Drain the tank of the toilet accommodates 4-7 liters and is filled several times during the day, except, as some water is used for cleaning and cooking.

Based on these figures, the usage counter seems unnecessary, but there are tricks. If, for example, the apartment is registered to one person and home to three of water on the counter – unfavorable acquisition, as the calculation according to the standard scheme involves a payment only for the registered residents. If set the counter to pay for the actual consumption of water will have more. But in the opposite case (registered a few people, and lives in the apartment one or two), the counter will be profitable: not have to overpay for the actual water consumed.

Water consumption depending on place of residence

In any apartment building in the basement of the place common parts, measuring the whole water consumption. Given the state of communications in most homes, no one is immune from broken pipes when a "common" water in large quantities is bottled without the use. In such cases, the existence of the housing control is advantageous, because after the liquidation of the accident payment aimlessly spilled water is distributed between the tenants, who does not have any counters.

But settling in the private sector, especially in the summer, with the installation of this instrument is better not to hurry: if You plan to water the planting around the home, water consumption can be extremely high.

However, everything gradually goes to the fact that installation of meters will become mandatory everywhere, with minimal exceptions (Federal law of November 23, 2009 N 261-FZ "On energy saving and on increasing energy efficiency and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" with the subsequent changes and additions).