How to replace the bearing

Replacement bearing front hub 2110 may be performed by one of three methods. First — replace the bearing with a special puller without removing the steering knuckle from the car. The second replacement bearing with the dismantling of the steering knuckle using a puller and vise. The third method was the complete withdrawal of the rack from the car and replacing the bearing in the grip. All described methods have their pros and cons.

When you replace the bearing the first method there is no need to Unscrew the bolt to adjust the camber, which is a big advantage of this method. The main disadvantage lies in the uncomfortable work, in which replacement of the bearing without special lifts, ramps or inspection pits are becoming quite problematic.

The second method bearing replacement becomes an easier task, but there is a problem, consisting in the violation of regulation collapse. In order for this violation to avoid, to loosen the bolts to the steering knuckle need to make two labels. One of them should show the location of the adjustment bolt in the strut, the other — position the steering knuckle. After replacing the bearing during the Assembly process need to match the labels. To achieve the initial precision is unlikely to succeed, but the error will be small. This method is ideal for those who in addition to bearing manufactures replacement and other elements of the vehicle chassis.

Of all the methods, the third is the most difficult. For dismantling the struts you need to decompressing update the tail tip, Unscrew the nuts that attach the upper mount to the car body, after which dismantled the rack, you must replace the front bearing hub. This method is more difficult than the others, but sometimes use them when two of the previous method for some reason does not fit.

The instructions for replacing the bearing using the puller and vise

To start put the car on the "hammer" and put it in first gear, then for security purposes, insert chock the rear wheels to eliminate the rollback. Then loosen the wheel bolts and "hang" the front of the vehicle (both front wheels). With the help of a wrench with hole 30 mm Unscrew the nut of the hub bearing.

In the case that the car used alloy wheels, you need to start to dismantle the wheel and invite your assistant which will keep pressure on the brake pedal while a second person will spin the hub nut. Use a screwdriver to try to squeeze the caliper, and then a key 17 mm disconnect the caliper from the steering knuckle. Tie up the caliper so it does not hang from the brake hose.

Then remove brake disc from front hub. Do not forget to specify the labels. Loosen the bolts securing the steering knuckle to the rack and using a soft nastavki kick them. Remove the two bolts that attach the lower ball joint to the steering knuckle, then remove the latter.

Knock the hub out of the bearing extension of the desired diameter. Remove the snap ring. Install special puller in a vise and start vypressovyvaniem bearing. After this you need to clean and lubricate the bearing seat.

Then proceed to press fit the bearing, put the locking ring. Steering knuckle with a new bearing mount on the hub and using a mandrel of the desired diameter hammer it all the way, and the force shall be applied to the inner diameter of the bearing race.

Further, the Assembly should be held in reverse order. After nut hub bearing is tightened, you need to take her side.