To determine the exact technical condition stands in the service station on the bench. The specialists will fix the car in a special area and will rapidly shake in all directions. The sensors measure operating characteristics of the stands and issue a decision on their further use or need a replacement.

This test alone cannot be performed. You can only push the car behind the wing and see damped oscillations. The car should swing once and stop. If it will swing more than 2 times, then stand completely faulty. The problem is that even in bad condition, the shock absorbers pass this test.

Therefore, self-diagnosis stands start with inspection of their appearance. All signs of leakage of oil from shock absorber testify to their faulty and need replacement. Next, listen to the suspension: the suspension is fully serviceable fully serviceable struts don't have to knock. Rate the quality of the suspension. Of course, this assessment is very subjective and depends on driving experience.

The necessity of in good the a-pillars are particularly important for front wheel drive cars. Any problem in the shock absorbers of the front wheels worsen the traction, increase braking distances, make the car unstable in turns and when braking. When cornering, for example, a car may suddenly expand and throw into oncoming traffic or into a ditch. In addition, faulty shock absorbers cause the tyre and wheel bearings to wear out ten times faster.

Dampers should also be changed at the end of its life. Its duration depends not only on the quality of manufacture, type and model of shock absorbers, but also on the operating conditions. For example, in the winter time in the beginning of the movement it is recommended the first 1-2 kilometers to pass with reasonable speed. This will help to warm up the rack. If this is not done, they can quickly fail.

The average period of use of racks is 30-50 thousand miles. In rare cases, they can serve up to 70-80 thousand. They can pass all the tests as normal, but suddenly fail in a critical situation. Therefore, even serviceable for all performance shocks should be changed on time, not waiting for an emergency.