Consult a doctor can pay a visit to as a phlebologist, General surgeon. You will be assigned a survey, and after that pick already and treatment. But usually it comes down to spider vein removal special laser device. The number of sessions selected individually and depends on the stage of the lesion of the capillaries. If you have varicose veins, which appeared an intricate pattern, then the treatment will be slightly different.
When the cause is varicose veins, the doctor prescribes blood-thinning medications. For example, aspirin, clopidogrel, warfarin, pentoxifylline, and other similar tools. But to accept them without consultation with a specialist is impossible. Due to the fact that they thin the blood, there is resorption of capillaries, but if you have blood clots, they can come off, so the use of these drugs without examination can lead to death.
From spider veins can help special ointments. They contain active ingredients that penetrate the skin and into the blood, and promote elimination pattern. Ointment also needs to choose a phlebologist, but its application can be considered a safe way to eliminate spider veins, unless, of course, to eliminate side effects and allergic reactions. From ointments and creams are usually prescribed: heparin or salicylic ointment, cream "Aslesen" or "Venoton" and other means with similar effect.
If you have a small and barely noticeable pattern, apply it toothpaste several times per day and hold for 2-5 minutes, gradually bursting of the capillaries is restored, the redness should go away.
Take a contrast shower. Change the water tone the body, the blood begins to circulate more quickly. Especially well to get rid of spider veins a cold shower, if the jet be directed on a problem place. But all this does not methods of treatment of varicose veins, but rather prevention, so to do without the help of a qualified doctor does not.