There is a myth that signs of lack of regular sexual life of girls is weaker than in men. In fact, the lack of sex happens in women is clearly. Lack of serotonin in the body leads to insomnia. Because of her, the girl looks tired, there are circles under the eyes.

Change the mood of girls can be attributed to a number of reasons. Lack of sex leads to increased level of irritability. No wonder they say that "spinsters" mad at the whole world. Because they do not have enough of the hormone of joy.

Scientists have proved that women are not leading an active sex life, age faster visually. It is directly connected with the production of skin collagen. In addition, inflammation and problems with the rash on the face can also be a manifestation of a lack of sex.

Figure girls having a permanent partner, it is better than lonely. This is due to the fact that sex is a sort of physical exercise, contributing to the tightening of the muscles. The lack of sex is expressed in skin laxity and appearance of cellulite.

The pain can become weaker due to the hormones secreted during copulation. So painkillers primarily hooked girls with no permanent systematic intercourse.

Immunity also depends on the number of sexual acts. His connection with the ability to fight infection is directly proportional.


About the risk of permanent lack of sex in men have been repeatedly published entire research work. Sexologists claim that the lack of sexually Mature males frequent sex causes nervous disorders. The lowest response is stress and irritability.

Cardiovascular diseases are often the consequence of the lack of this side of life. The heartbeat quickens, the problem starts with the pressure. Arrhythmia and headaches are chasing constantly.

The impact of insufficient amounts of sex on the male genitals has been proven by scientists. The problem starts with the ejaculation, she is too fast. With long-term abstinence sexual function can all come to naught.

The urge to urinate more frequently. Insomnia and deterioration of health are felt.

However, all these symptoms of lack of sex of the individual as strong and the weaker sex. Some people will not feel the physical effects for many years, others a month later will feel worse.