Indeed, people are of the opinion that the absence of a sexual life the woman simply impossible to conceal. It is believed that many women's hysteria, excessive aggression towards other people, nervous condition, and depression is, according to experts, the distinguishing attributes of unstable sexual activity in those or other representatives of the fair sex.

Probably many people were in such a situation, when at work or in the subway they met a disgruntled women with sullen eyes, with a grey complexion with no trace of blush. Looking at these people, some about myself think: "Sex, she is not enough."

Female hysteria is the lack of sexual activity?

Today, no official science has not yet proved a direct correlation between a particular behavior of women and lack of their life of sex. All this just guesses that are not scientifically proven and do not have any significant relationship with each other. However, we cannot close our eyes to some things.
There is a perception that a persistent lack of intimacy a woman can make her frigid. In other words, such a woman forget how to enjoy sex with a man.

If, for example, a woman time does not satisfy their intimate needs, in her life there are mood swings, have a place to be neuroses, depression. This often affects the psychological state of a lonely woman. Living without a man, she begins to feel inadequate, unsatisfied, and just miserable. If it matches, then too many of them.

How long a woman can live without sex?

Breaks in the intimate life happen to every woman, for entirely different reasons. In some they last around three days, others for about three weeks, and some even don't experience real sexual pleasure for months or even years! And after all here all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of every woman.
It is believed that the prolonged absence of sex adversely affects the reproductive system of women. No wonder breast cancer and mastopathy are called "nuns disease".

Women for whom sex is not an urgent necessity in life, can do without him for quite some time. Because of the special sex toys has not been canceled. Oversexed ladies, who week can not live without sexual relations with a man, by contrast, suffer from a lack thereof, for longer than three days. Here all especially individually.