Sexologists distinguish three types of sexual Constitution: strong, weak and average. The required frequency of male intercourse is an important characteristic of this particular male health. It is generally thought that men who want sex 2-3 times a week, have a medium sexual Constitution. They are about fifty percent of the population. Guys with a weak Constitution can be satisfied with sex once a month or even less frequently. Those approximately twenty-five percent. And finally, another quarter are men with strong sexual Constitution. They need sex every day or even more often. Thus, it is easy to calculate that 75% of men have sex even a few times a week. All they required.
Despite the fact that the sexual Constitution – is genetically and biologically determined, it is possible to change the boundaries of their capabilities. Though not very much. First, due to the change of the power system: a large number of proteins, aphrodisiacs in the diet increases the possibilities men are more likely to commit sexual acts. Secondly, by training. Yes, here too, as in sports: the more often a man has sex even in the absence of strong desires, the more he will be able to do it. Big breaks in an active sex life playing against men. Thirdly, an important factor is the mutual understanding with the partner. Every man (without exception) has its own fetish. For some it's a white dress, for some people, stiletto heels, and for someone – red hair. If a woman ignores these features of male sexuality, it is guaranteed more frequent loving intercourse with the loved ones.
Apart from the desire to go beyond the possible, it is important to be able to live in harmony with his nature. Have sex more often released by the Constitution will not work. For example, to increase the number of acts from 1-2 to 3-4 a week maybe. And the guy that needs sex once a month, it will be difficult to force yourself to do them daily. And, most likely, impossible. On the other hand, too rare sex with medium and strong sexual Constitution can lead to serious health problems: malfunctions of the hormonal, nervous system, and sometimes to different stagnation, leading to adenomas and other bad consequences.