If you need to purchase a gas meter, refer to buy are not cheap, and quality. If you get a bad counter, then problems may arise, namely: inaccurate accounting, short term service, a short calibration interval.
The modern diaphragm meter should be consistently accurate in calibration interval. Pressure loss of the gas should be minimal. It usually is protected from unauthorized interference. A good counter is 20 or more years.
At face value will be defined, what quantity of gas the meter may change. For example, the G 1,6 – bandwidth from 1.6 to 2.5 cubic meters of gasG 2,5 – bandwidth from 2.5 to 4.0 cubic meters of gas. If you have in-house two-ring gas stove, you can use the counter of 1.6 G as the flow rate of the gas stove is not more than 1 cubic meters of gas per hour. If there is also a gas heater, it is best to set the meter G 2.5. In some homes, there are additional gas appliances, for example, boilers. Be sure to note their consumption. View this information in the passport which is attached for each equipment. In the end, you can easily calculate the total gas consumption. After that, you can proceed to the choice of the counter.
The installation of the counter can produce only by certified professionals. In order to obtain permission to use the gas meter, it is necessary to observe quite a lot of strict rules. It is also worth noting that each model of the gas meter has certain characteristics when mounting. For the installation of a counter, select a proven company. Only experienced professionals can perform correct installation.