Aquarius, the sign of the air element most compatible with fire signs - Aries, Lion, Sagittarius. And most successful Union in Aquarius can be with their zodiac opposite, the Lions. These characters perfectly complement each other. Disadvantages of Aquarius - the levity and talkativeness, compensate for excessive seriousness and excessive responsibility of a Lion. Aquarians easily find common language practically with any person, which is not true of a fairly closed and challenging the Lions, which are very selective approach to the selection environment. The calm Lion is a bit "absorbs" the energy of Aquarius, guiding her in the right direction. This allows the air to become more integrated, to achieve a lot in life. The Union of Leo and Aquarius is considered to be the ideal vision of astrology, but this air sign is also compatible with some other representatives of the zodiacal circle.
Good relationships are in Aquarius with other air signs - Gemini and Libra. Their unity rests on similar interests. The partners are both easygoing, fast, do not waste time on thinking about action. They are good together, they perfectly understand each other. But due to the excessive levity of the air signs in such families rarely wealth. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra can easily pull the last money to party with friends, and then to pay to eat pasta and rice. It is permissible to youth, but Mature families, with the advent of the child, with a reckless attitude towards the future is fraught with troubles. That is why the marriages of Aquarius with other air signs are very often break up due to the poor living conditions, inability to save money and to correctly calculate the budget. But if one of the partners is enough willpower to overcome my predisposition to learn to be more responsible, the Union will be extremely successful and durable.
The relationship of Aquarius with the earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - are rarely successful. Earth signs are too straightforward and practical, they do not understand the Aquarius. It is difficult to find a common language in all matters: in life, in work, in raising children - they have a different approach to everything. The ease and sociability of Aquarius the earth is perceived as a lack of discipline. They don't like their character almost everything. What other signs seem positive qualities, Taurus, Virgo and Aquarius is perceived as negative. This Union can be successful only in one case. Aquarius if you meet a Virgo, born in late August. In this case, in the earth sign will have enough qualities from a fiery Lion. And Aquarius will be able to adjust to Virgo, and Virgo will be less critical to the action of an air sign.
Aquarians rarely find a common language with representatives of the water signs - Pisces, Cancers, Scorpios. Their Union can be very heavy. Representatives of the water signs like to control people and emotional Aquarians quickly fall under their influence. They suffer from love, this relationship is destructive to good-natured Aquarius. They did not have the courage to resist the attacks of the water signs, and those, without feeling resistance, torment Aquarius stronger. In the end, these unions break up at the initiative of the representative of the water sign. They just get tired of their toy, they go in search of a new. And Aquarians still for a long time recovering from this relationship, learning again to trust people.