Aquarians are not constant partners, they like everything new and untested, so parting with them, maybe even easier than with any other sign. Not necessarily to make up stories and excuses for why all this happened, is enough to invite the Aquarius cafe and to explain things to him.
But if you don't have the guts and want to bring the novel to its logical conclusion in a different way, become a couch potato. Aquarians love the noisy companies, parties, Dating, and if you stop supporting it in all social events, it will soon seem boring and uninteresting. That will surely bring you closer to the gap.
Frugality is not typical Aquarius, they like to splash out and show your generosity. Divide the total budget, do not occupy Aquarius money, do not let their items in fear they will lose, save for joint dinners and festivities. He already looks suspiciously at you?
Don't listen to him, don't accept tips, while regularly asking for them. Aquarius will be extremely hurt by your inattention.
Amalfivia some details of your life, not abundantly about all that concerns you. Subtle intuition Aquarius will immediately feel your secrets that you will not under any circumstances will not give him, and it hurt him even more. After all, he wants to know everything, talk about everything, and you will not be able to meet him.
All the good intentions of Aquarius translate into selfish. If he is busy in charity campaigns, helping friends or family who doubt his honesty and complacency. Wonder if the Aquarius will still be near you.
He was wrong, and you do not support, and mocked him. Suggest why all this happened, where he made a mistake as unforgivable. And also notice that you certainly would never do.
Be old-fashioned in any matter, reject new and unusual things, is constantly talking about his conservatism. Dress like mom or, you never know as a grandmother.
The most terrible blow – an attempt to isolate the Aquarian from his friends. Tell me, what would you like to take with you all your free time that you have so much to do, for example, need to weed the garden or sort out buttons, and need his help. To be sure, with the patch, and a button you'll have to handle yourself, as once your Aquarius and trail get cold.