Virgo – earth sign of the zodiac, these people are sensitive to details, and therefore it is important often unimportant in the view of other things: the smells, the furnishings, the details of everyday life. It's the little things laid in their memory, forcing again and again to experience both pleasant and negative aspects of living together with the abandoned woman. Want to return a male virgin? Remind him about nice things. Think what he associates a happy time, find the subject from this time and show it. Don't push, don't expect candor, the virgin must first relive memories inside himself.
Virgo love the comfort and the world builds under his own idea of comfort. Often it is the desire for comfort seems to be excessive pedantry. If you break it the feeling of microcosm or disrespected him, try to rehabilitate, do everything exactly as he wants a man. Show him that you are trying just for him, moreover, it gives you pleasure.
Don't lie. There is probably no more sensitive to lies sign than Virgo. Surprisingly, a lie a man may not notice, not understand, but he will feel, and this feeling will to oppress.
Talk to him, but do not impose. Virgo smart and desire to return to the previous level of the relationship will unravel quickly. In fact, if the male virgin decided to get rid of the relationship, the chances of women little. No contradiction here, because Virgo still led, but unconditionally they are only for those who have managed to convince them to lull.
Virgo is not alone, though, and often misanthropy. The man-virgin important is the feeling and understanding of unity, of a "we" in family and relationships, but because talking to him, emphasize your commonality, the presence of a pleasant past.
Don't make him jealous, man-Virgo not a hunter, he is a perfectionist and firmly believe that you should come behind him.