Virgo belong to the category of meticulous and hardworking, persistent and reliable men who are very responsible in work and achieve success in their careers. However, modesty prevents them to obtain a full confession, so often they can be seen in companies on the second most important posts. In relations to the people and they also tend not to outshine your partner. If a man is a virgin has decided that some particular woman he needs and deserves to be his wife, he will systematically to achieve it.
For women the man-Virgo can become a patron, adviser and friend, faithful and reliable, he is unlikely to give rise to jealousy. Loyalty is easy for him, because he felt no different, though it depends on date of birth - Virgo can be very temperamental.
From the partner, the representative of this zodiac sign will have to wait for the ability to create a cosiness in the house and wisely manage the family budget, and even better - to help him in his career your finances or opportunities. Romantic women can be difficult with such a man, because it is not peculiar pipe dreams. The love of parties and social events he is also not appropriate, he will prefer to relax with a book or in the garden. He seeks to respect the day.
On the one hand, the woman will be able to feel financially secure and financially stable with a man-Virgin. But he is unlikely to sponsor all her wishes. It is economical and is committed to invest reasonably. If he in fact spent, it is usually high-quality goods and services. Virgo seeks to create capital, and its annoying women, blowing money in the wind. In the companion he seeks above all rather, wife and friend, and then lover.
The choice of the beloved it responsibly, is very demanding, and can sometimes be intolerable. Virgo often remain bachelors for years to come. And they do not suffer, because it can replace them love, whether scientific activity or service. If they decide to start a family, will be gradually to it to go and look for a suitable partner. To man-Virgo revealed his soul, it is necessary to try very much.