Start taking vitamins that promote the growth and strengthening of hair. It helps you to provide additional nourishment and hydration of the scalp.
Follow a balanced diet, include in the diet are eggs, cereals, cheese, peas, nuts. Don't forget the vitamin-rich fruits and berries. Do not give up meat, fish, liver and milk. All these products are necessary for proper growth of hair.
The third step in the restoration of hair follicles is skin nutrition therapeutic agents. Nourishing mask today is very popular, you can buy them in salons, medical centers, pharmacies and shops. Apply before shampooing or after.
Mask, firming hair follicles, can be done at home. For example, eggs and honey. Apply this mask for 10 minutes before shampooing. In addition, useful for the scalp infusion of black bread. Pour the slices of bread with boiling water and let cool. After strain through cheesecloth infusion and wash your head with it..
Effective for the hair is a mess of onions and garlic. It perfectly nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, but the smell of onions can permanently get stuck to the hair. Better to use a decoction of burdock. To do this, pour the roots of the plants with boiling water and let it brew. Drain through a sieve, RUB into the scalp tincture and allow to dry thoroughly. A decoction do not have to wash off.
Also in the skin, you can RUB strong tea. Because it helps to strengthen hair follicles, which reduces hair loss.
In addition to the nutrition skin, effective head massage. Massage increases blood circulation and is good because it can be done at any time. For several minutes in circular movements of the fingers massage the area of the scalp. But do not overtighten the skin. In addition, use special tumblers that are sold in pharmacies.
Monitor the health of your hair. As little as possible and expose them to your body with negative effects. The less stress, dieting and excess chemicals in the body, the stronger and stronger your hair.