The largest number of funds focused on this hair type and are related to the mass-market, presents the brand Gliss Cur. Of the benefits should be allocated to a fine array of lines oriented at a different degree of hair damage, good variety of media and really visible results. Disadvantages: addictive hair products causing have to change the ruler at similar, and then you can go back to the original.

Special attention is given the oil - a luxury line of Recovery. The undeniable advantage is that this oil is suitable for all hair types. Given its low consumption, it can be used at the end of the complex rehabilitation of hair. Also very nice and light feel are indelibly Express conditioning spray.

Of the more expensive counterparts are very high quality lines contain two Japanese brands Tsubaki and Shiseido. At Tsubaki, the tools are represented by the line, excellent Care, in which special attention should be paid to the emulsion. On the application and effect can be compared with the same oil from Gliss Cur. The effect is very impressive - the hair look more vibrant, nourished and healthy. Moreover, these tools are perfect to protect the hair during the heating season from drying out and excessive electrification.

Also to strengthen hair and restore it scalp good range of Head Spa. Here favorite is a Extra cleansing shampoo that truly efficiently removes all impurities and due to the essential oils nourishes the scalp. After the hair stay clean longer, and the hair does not lose volume.

From the Shiseido line has a simple name Haircare, but by the humble name hides a truly luxurious treatment. Means are selected in such a way that the hair is getting a full professional care within the bathroom. The favorites line is called Hair Energizing Complex and Intensive Hair and Scalp Essence. These funds are in the truth have a magical effect on hair and scalp and well worth its cost.

Perhaps, at this point in the article listed products are the most effective and comparable on a scale of price-result. A choice of lines will lead to the desired result and the question now only in price and length of recovery.