How much would the woman tried modern medicines to solve their problems, in the end still returns to traditional medicine. The main advantage of home recipes is that they are centuries-tested, reliable and effective. Our grandmothers, great-grandmothers and mothers lived in a time when there were no chemical shampoo and use only natural products available.

The most common problem, which is familiar not only women, but men is an intensive hair loss. The reason for this phenomenon can be stress, lack of body beneficial nutrients and regular use of styling products.

Folk medicine can help with such trouble, but to prevent it: strengthen the hair follicles, to fill the body with nutrients, protect hair from mechanical environmental influences.

Basic assistance with hair loss:

1. Mask with oils (occasionally)

Vegetable oil beautifully strengthen hair, stimulate their growth and even stop hair loss. The best are burdock and castor oil. The amount depends on the structure of the hair (length and thickness), but do not be afraid to overdo it.

To apply, you need to warm the oil (modern technologies allow to forget about my grandmother's water bath – microwave to help).

One of the oils applied to the hair and cover head with a towel. The mask can be kept several hours and even overnight.

2. Wash onion juice (always)

The unique smell of onions is due to the presence in its composition of a huge number of sulfur – the rarest and most useful natural hair chemicals. Nowhere else in nature, there is so much sulfur.

3. Herbal rinse (constantly with every wash)

To wash away the smell of onions, use the infusion of nettle, chamomile, oak bark, burdock root, or onion skin. All can be purchased in a drugstore or to collect yourself.

For cooking of strong infusions to 40 to 50 g of dried or fresh substance is necessary to fill with water (80 t – 90°). The cooled extract is washed hair. This procedure will read the result from masks to strengthen.