In that case, if you notice that hair is rare, and appear on the comb pieces of your hair, consider nutrition as a deficiency of certain minerals can contribute to disease of the hair follicle. Remember that the diet should be correct and balanced. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, such as cabbage, beets, carrots. Also include meat, fish and dairy products (cottage cheese, fermented baked milk).
It is also desirable to shorten the hair, especially if you are the owner of long hair. Remember that hair loss have a deficiency of vitamins, and the curls longer, the more micronutrients they need. Start taking a complex multivitamin.
Weekly make a mask for hair. An excellent remedy against hair loss – burdock oil. You can buy it at the drugstore or cosmetic stores. So the effect was better before applying, lightly heat it, then massage thoroughly into the scalp. Wrap hair with a plastic bag and wrap with a towel to create a greenhouse effect. After an hour wash the hair.
Also periodically make a mask of Luke. To do this, take an onion of medium size, RUB on a small grater. The resulting mass apply on hair and wrap package. Then rinse them thoroughly. You can also use onion juice. This grated root crop, put in cheesecloth and squeeze. Juice also RUB into the scalp.
To restore the hair daily and massage the skin lightly knead and squeeze her. Try not to use the Hairdryer and combs with plastic, get better massage wooden comb. Do not brush wet hair. Do not expose them to treatment cosmetic fixing tools – varnish, mousse, gel etc.