Treatment of small hematomas usually is conservative. First, as soon as possible apply to the affected area cold object. Take a piece of ice from the freezer and wrap it with a clean dry cloth. Hold 30 minutes, and about half an hour later again attach to the hematoma. This procedure contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels. Under the skin gets less blood, which helps to prevent the appearance of hematomas larger sizes.
After cold, use warm soaks. Apply a hot water bottle to the bruised spot and hold it no more than 20 minutes. Such manipulations run three times a day. Heat expands the capillaries and blood goes faster from the injury. However, remember that immediately after impact the heater can not be used. Otherwise, you can only increase the size of the damage.
One of the best folk remedies for the treatment of bruising is the pain. Mix 2 tbsp of powder in 1 tablespoon of water and apply the resulting paste on the affected area. It operates when the water begins to evaporate, and the pain becomes quite dry.
To remove bruises on the face help cream that contains vitamin K. Under its influence the blood accumulated under the skin, is absorbed, and the bruise gradually fades. Immediately after injury apply cream on the damaged area, and then repeat the procedure twice a day.
If a hematoma on the face big and difficult to resolve, the surgeon makes the puncture with the recovery and removal of blood. Then into the cavity of antibiotics are. In cases of resumption of bleeding shows the opening of the hematoma. After that, the bleeding vessel ligated or impose on him the vascular suture.
Sometimes during the period of resorption of the hematoma, the body temperature rises and I can feel a General malaise. Often in inflammation associated infection. Often it can cause bad teeth. Suppuration of hematoma accompanied by high rise of temperature and signs of an abscess. In this case, carried cut, delete the contents and treatment of open wounds.