You will need
  • - access to a computer.
Then restart the computer. At the time of system boot, press F8 a few times to catch the right moment. Thus, you display a list of boot options of the operating system. Select "Safe mode" and press enter to confirm your choice. To boot in this mode, the system will take a little more time than usual — this is normal. Wait until the system loads all the files. Don't forget that in safe mode, all startup programs are fully disabled.
Will appear the welcome screen with user icons computer. Locate the account administrator and click it with the mouse. If you no administrator password is not set, the login will be executed automatically. Also, the screen can be multiple accounts of the personal computer. You need to choose the account that has the rights of administrator. If you can not go through it, then go through another entry.
Go to "user Accounts" and change the settings of your account. Install the right administrator and also set the password for this account. Send the computer to restart. Once the computer restarts you will be able to action the administrator of the personal computer. With this you can restrict other entries, to create new accounts and edit existing ones.
You can now perform any action in the system under your account, and the annoying password request pop up will not. Also disable user account control notification and security center, and nothing else will distract you from working on the computer.