You will need
  • wig-making hooks, thin tulle, card, hair
You know that moustache is made by way of tamburelli. This requires a special wig making crochet hooks, thin tulle, card - special flat brush for the hair, and the hair. Disassemble the tufts of hair on length, comb on the card. Secure the card using strubles on the table. Lay combed the hair on the card, cover them with another card or brush to avoid flying.
Lay the tulle on the stand, determine the shape of the product. Take the wig making the hook in your right hand beard up. Hold it like a pencil.

Pull out the card a little bunch of hairs, fold them in half, forming a loop, hold it with your fingers of the left hand.
Thread the hook into the loop of the tulle, and then in the hair loop, grab it and thread through the tulle. Without removing the hook from the loop, hook a few hairs. Holding the loop with your fingers, drag the ends of the hairs through the loop. Firmly tighten it.
For tamburasi applied a double knot. In this case, after pulling the hairs in the loop, the node is not completed. Broach is repeated again and then a double knot is tightened firmly
Fabrication of whiskers with tamburelli - a painstaking and lengthy process. However, whiskers are natural, are glued to the skin with special glue and indistinguishable from the real thing.