If you only need photography, there is nothing easier than to make vampire fangs in photoshop. But first make camera self portrait with an open mouth. Try to Express the whole range of vampiric emotions (you know better what they are experiencing). Load this photo into photoshop and correction tools pull out the fangs in the photo. Just in case: fangs is the third from the center of the teeth.
If you need vampire fangs, that is, in nature, that is, their actual existence, will have to work with his hands. Buy this set for modeling. Make sure there is white color, otherwise you'll have to wear fangs, green or blue. Form of soft plastic two fangs of the desired size. Try them on before the mirror if size.
Now bake your new teeth in the oven according to the instructions indicated on the packaging of the set for modeling. When they will harden ready. The remaining plastic, give it to children or leave yourself (maybe even at some party horns to make have to).
There is another way to make yourself vampire fangs. In a beauty shop buy false nails, take a set with a white or milky-colored nails. Select them a couple of the right size (likely nails for little finger or ring finger) and drank from one end to the tapering. Now the glue from the kit to glue the pads to your own canines, pre wiping them with a dry cloth. Wait a few minutes until dry. The mouth will have not much to compress, as the glue in these kits is not doing very well, but easily removed.
To not use chemical compounds like glue, you can try to cut the fangs of plastic. They will not be voluminous, but it is more secure option than nails. Take a simple bottle under the vitamins. Draw across the bottle a rough sketch of the fangs in the light of all the jaw and then cut. Just to make the cut canines (and teeth) to natural teeth. Due to vignette bottle, the teeth should be kept on the jaw.