If for a party or Halloween, you will come to developing a black cloak with pale, almost pale face, you risk to get lost in the crowd of monsters and the predators of the night, after all the black clothes and the "death" makeup suit almost every way. Create a unique realistic view of the vampire, having made these vampire teeth.
If your vampire image itself evokes fear in the mortals, but you want to emphasize his sharp fangs, the easiest way is to draw the fangs. Or rather, to put black marker over the "extra" part of the teeth. In-the-dark paint marker is almost invisible, but your pointy canines will be evident. In the morning it will be enough to thoroughly clean the teeth to get rid of the marker.
Another affordable way to make vampire teeth – use a plastic false nails. The cheapest you can buy them in any store or kiosk with the press and all sorts of stuff. Buy plain nails white or milky color. Use small plates for the ring finger or little finger. Slightly adjust the shape of future canines with a nail file, giving them the form of a sharp tooth. Lubricate the inner part of the nail glue that came in the kit with the nails. This glue lasts long, but the teeth will be easy to remove after a costume party. Dry your teeth with tissue paper and attach them to a "fangs". Hold the fangs with your fingers for about a minute until the glue dries. Do not use too much glue, after all he is a good body will bring.
If vampire teeth are necessary to you only for photos, you can do without glue and flat materials. Make real volumetric fangs from salt dough. Knead the dough from flour and salt in the proportions 2:1, respectively. Dilute the mixture with water to the state from which we could sculpt objects. Make vampire teeth or entire upper jaw from the test, using Cutlery for leveling the surface of the teeth. Work quickly: small amounts of salt dough hardens fairly quickly, and correct their shape will not happen. But to spend time baking and drying the teeth you do not need: small in size, they will dry quickly in the air. If you want to get the ideal white vampire fangs, paint your crafts with white gouache. It is well kept on the salt test. On the tips of the fangs to draw blood.