You will need
  • fish;
  • - pure water;
  • - plastic bag;
  • - cloth.
Carefully inspect the fish lying on the counter. Fresh pike, or crucian carp, the gills will be bright red, almost scarlet – we are talking about fish that was not gutted. The fish is butchered? Then the gills are paler, pinkish color. If the fish has gills grey, green or brown with a reddish tinge, do not buy her products were subjected to a secondary freezing, which will certainly impact not only on her type but also quality. In the presence of an unpleasant smell, this fish is definitely spoiled.
If the fish is not Packed in a bag or plastic wrap, to touch the gills – they should not be in the muddy slime. In most shops the sellers themselves show you the gills of fish when purchasing, so you can determine its freshness. If the offer you received, asking permission, take the bag, put it on his hand and carefully inspect the head of the fish. In this case take the arc on the gills. Slimy coating on them should be transparent and evenly to cover the entire fish carcass.
Take a cloth, moisten it with water, wipe with a cloth fish gills – unscrupulous sellers sometimes resort to tinting to give out marred for freshly caught fish. This method can naturally be resorted to only at home. Rate and smell of the product – it needs to be distinctive, without any impurities. And the more putrid, sourish aroma.