Before storing fresh fish in the fridge, carefully rinse it in cool running water and Pat dry. Then put the fish on a dish and put in the coldest place in the refrigerator, where the temperature is below zero at 1-5°. Their useful properties, therefore frozen fish keeps for 1 day.
If you are planning to keep fresh fish for more than a day, be sure to gut it and clean from the scales. Then wrap it in a clean blotting paper soaked in salt water for a few minutes. Next, wrap the fish in a dry cloth and put the fridge.
To gut and clean from the scales of fresh fish, before putting it in the fridge for a long time, just need. But to remove the fish skin is not recommended. After all, the skin is able to protect meat with fresh fish from drying out.
If you RUB the carcass with fresh fish powder, salicylic acid and wrap them with a cloth soaked with vinegar, possible product storage period may increase to 15 days.
The same can be stored and eviscerated fresh fish, pre-washed it in water and sprinkled with sugar (on 1 kg fish 1 tablespoon of sugar). The sugar preserves the fish without letting it deteriorate.
Until the moment of preparing fresh fish to get it out of the refrigerator is not recommended. The bacteria it is easy to multiply at room temperature, so in cold fresh fish hold, even while cooking other ingredients.
Never store fresh fish next to products that do not require heat treatment. These include sausages, cheeses, prepared salads, etc.
Do not expose to direct neighbors fresh fish in the fridge was butter, milk and cheese. The neighborhood fish can give these products an unpleasant smell.
An important rule of storage of fresh fish – do not freeze it again, otherwise it will lose the juice and many of its taste qualities.