The risk of concussion

When the external strength and security of the human brain is extremely vulnerable. The fact that the cause of his injury can be almost any sudden movement. Because the brain is not fixed rigidly to the skull, as it were, swims in it, when a sharp acceleration or deceleration he tries to shift, which often enough leads to a rather painful contact with the bones of the skull.

Its a mechanical fact, brain injury is nothing like bruised it on the wall of the skull. Thus, even a fall on the buttocks may cause injury to the brain.

The characteristic symptoms of a concussion is considered headache in combination with nausea and dizziness, short-term, and possibly long-term loss of consciousness, after which it is not excluded retrograde amnesia.

It is clear that in the absence of proper treatment this can lead to irreversible consequences.

And the temperature?

Quite often the question arises whether if a concussion is to rise the body temperature and to what extent? It should be noted immediately that the fever is in most cases the body's reaction to it occurring inflammatory process.

That is, if as a result of brain injury inflammation of the damaged part, the increase in body temperature is inevitable. In this situation, the trauma, obviously, so severe that hospitalization should be performed immediately to localize and liquidate consequences.

While concussions, and it should be remembered that these are understood by only the lightest of traumatic brain injury, neither of which temperature increase is not out of the question.

It is important to remember that traumatic brain injuries are divided into light – concussion, moderate brain injury and severe compression of the brain.

Already it follows that no change in temperature when in fact the brain can not be, because the unpleasant consequences of nausea, prolonged headaches and migrenepodobna a negative reaction to bright light quickly eliminated medication and rest.

However, we should not perceive the shaking as something completely harmless. In the absence of proper treatment, or after recurrence of head injury is possible the emergence astening syndrome, personality changes, and sometimes traumatic epilepsy.