You will need
  • - for the store;
  • - the certificate about the opening of the se;
  • - state registration and certificate of the premises;
  • - equipment for the shop including scales and cash register.
Business dedicated to the sale of fruits and other horticultural products, not original, but don't require to start a great financial investment and at first glance quite simple. However, despite the external simplicity and ease, this business has its own problematic issues.
The first thing you need to open a store, find a room to rent for trade in fruits and vegetables, providing a sufficient number of visitors. If you have no registration of the individual entrepreneur for doing this kind of activity, register with the local tax authorities IE.
Will receive certificates in the SES and the fire service for compliance of the premises with sanitary and fire regulations (check with the landlord, maybe these permissions already issued). Contact a company that sells commercial equipment, purchase a cash register and scales and put them into service.
Decide on the range of products that you plan to trade on the basis of the location of the store (if you rented a store in a major shopping center, turn on the range and exotic fruits) and the presence of a number of other stores with the same product. After making the initial assortment pick the suppliers, taking into account the quality and selection of goods, prices, delivery is possible. Remember, the fruit – specific goods are perishable, therefore, stipulate daily purchases.
Plan the optimal layout of the goods, given that fruits and vegetables are better to not keep under glass and in open access. Given this, order the equipment for the shop.
And the last sequence, but certainly not least, is recruitment. Recruit sellers, realizing that they will form the atmosphere at the point of sale, and profit to a large extent is determined by the professionalism of the staff.
Be ready for such unpleasant moment in the trade of fruit, as damaged goods. Think of immediately its policy towards him: will you try to sell it at the old price (and it slowly deteriorates on) or sharply reduce the price, so you do not completely throw out spoiled leftovers. And be sure to provide nice things for attracting buyers, such as free bags.