Analyze your audience. Before deciding what to put in the window, determine that your product interests the buyer. And depending on your goals and do the different calculation.
If you need to sell long sticker, put it forward in the most prominent place. The price tag make it a more bright and large. What you need to sell in the first place, must be evident to the buyer.
How to upload <strong>storefront</strong>
If you have a highly profitable product you received at a low price, but was able to make a big margin on it, it is possible to be placed in the center of it, yet the subject has not lost its relevance.
Decorate the window, especially if we are talking about the outer window facing the street. As far as gray and unappealing look half-empty gray walls like Windows, not really filled with either a commodity or decor. This showcase but on the contrary it drives away visitors from your site, fighting off the desire for you to visit. Every display as a separate store - so create her image. Fill it with assortment, create a sense of wealth, insert at least ordinary themed cardboard pattern on the sides. This will show that the owner was attached to it's hand, which means he loves his job.
Always keep the window clean. Dirt, dust and other debris show a "disregard" attitude, which, of course, have a negative impact on the store.
How to upload <strong>storefront</strong>