Advice 1: How to learn to read hand

Palmistry – the ancient art of reading fate by the hand. Among many ethnic groups had their specific reading methods. Mostly they coincide. The difference could be only in minor lines. Although they were interpreted correctly. The fact is that some palmists saw one combination, others completely different. To learn how to read palms, you should know to start at least three main lines, which now will be discussed.
How to learn to read hand
Immediately allowed disclaimer – my guessing. Guessing on tea leaves and Tarot cards. The lines on the hands of fate read. This does not in any way connected with divination. The reading is produced by the suspension arm. That is, if the person is right-handed, therefore, information about it should read it with the right hand. If left-handed, respectively, left. It is believed that on running the handwritten information of this life. On the second hand written by past lives.
On the palm there are three major lines, as above mentioned. They are called "the line of heart, line of head and line of life." In addition to these three main you can see many smaller lines, and a huge number of small. If you are just beginning acquaintance with the palm reading, you should not immediately sprayed on the medium and small lines. First you need to master the basic.
So heart line. It is located on the palm perpendicular to the fingers. And closer to him. This line determine what human nature about love. Will he be selfish, which requires you to love yourself, or altruistic, which will be donated to give all my love to all on this line.
The line head. It is located immediately below the line heart. Also perpendicular to the fingers. This line is determined by how the brain works in humans. This refers to his ability and inclinations. If the head line goes to the right index finger (for example, take the person-a right-hander with a corresponding suspension arm, so that man is inherent in the Humanities. If the line goes left, over the little finger, it means that the tendency to more technical disciplines.
The life line. There is a popular belief that the longer the lifeline, the longer it will live. I hasten to disappoint. The life expectancy this line has no effect. View is mistaken. The line of life to know what dangers may lie in wait for – health, family or finances. You can see this by looking at the space between the thumb and the life line. The more clearly it shows the line, the greater may be the possible question.
Palmists claim that the lines on your hand change every day, depending on our actions. And that you can read only one of hundreds of ways of development. The one that is most probable for a given course of events. However, everything can change.
What is the hand guessing palmists. Many novice palmists, ask yourself this question: which hand have to guess on the right or on the left? -Left hand will tell us about the fate of man, which nature has given, and the right one will show us how he builds his current life.
Useful advice
When you are going to guess on the hand of the subject, take his left hand and, holding it palm down, carefully consider the shape. Then you can judge the class of the hand - long or short, pointed, spatulate or square, the presence or absence of nodes, shape of nails etc. Then turn the hand and click the hand that will tell you about the hardness or softness of the hands as energy or laziness are the key note of nature and modify all other marks.

Advice 2 : How to learn to read Tarot cards Tarot

The origin story of the cards of the Tarot are kind of hazy and is associated with numerous legends. They are closely intertwined the various symbolism is Kabbalistic, Gnostic), which complicates their interpretation. Originally (early 15th century), they appeared in Italy, but the system predictions formed only at the end of the 16th century. Already in 1530 , the Tarot began to be used as playing cards throughout Europe. However, today, they came as a legacy of esoteric traditions.
old maps
Learning how to use carts Tarot yourself (by studying a lot of books on this topic) or through the instructor. The main condition for this, your personal predisposition to the mystical, transcendental perception of reality.
At the beginning of their studies, whichever way you may choose, you need to see how the wonders of the master, his manner, scheme, skills, and, of course, the result.
Tarot are divided into Arcana. The most important older.
Jester smiley. This man is in his nature. The card has a deep philosophical meaning. The fool holds a staff, but he's not just a stranger, he and the Herald, its staff 12 branches – all signs of the zodiac
The mage has many attributes, all of them belong to the younger Arcana that allows you to establish a logical connection in the scenario. The MAG itself is a symbol of the self, of a self-sustaining human space.
The priestess is the embodiment of mystery, it is also a symbol of the feminine, birth and rebirth.
Then you will need a deck of cards the Tarot. Buy it is not difficult, it is important to choose one that will suit you (attract your attention). You can use one deck for all occasions, you can have several for certain topics.
Next, find a quiet secluded place and start your first experience. Consider each card catch emerging associations and compare them with the classic, gradually bringing his own system of interpretation. Make contact with the cards.
It should be noted that there are three levels of "professionalism", based on the features of thinking of the master of the hands of Tarot. First, the student - makes predictions based solely on the classical description of the values of each card. It is difficult to build a coherent picture for each scenario. Second, "psychologist" - basically doesn't read cards, and a psychological portrait of the client. The third, "master - in addition to all these skills, has strong intuition and is able to read information from the unified field. The cards in this case are just a way to tune in.
To answer the question, what makes you want to master the art of divination, everyone should own.
Often found mixed use of classical and intuitive methods of divination by Tarot cards. To learn reading Tarot cards, it is possible, first, to study the major Arcana. This is meditation on each noose, and studied values of symbols of card.
Useful advice
In order to tell fortunes to yourself or friends, do not necessarily apply to different fortune-tellers, learn to read you can own. First you need to purchase a deck of cards. It should be Tarot cards. How to learn to read Tarot cards. You must also learn to correctly interpret each sign value. First you need to take out the cards and arrange them on the table.

Advice 3 : How to learn to guess

Divination can be a nice form of entertainment and a way to improve mood. Types and methods of divination quite a lot. As a beginner sometimes it's hard to choose what and how to learn to guess.
The types of divination

Why guess

Divination is a kind of form of leisure. It is possible to conjecture on a specific event in the future in General or in the next days. Positive predictions at guessing can significantly lift the spirits.

First you need to understand that divination is not to be trusted one hundred percent. Even if you receive unwanted predictions, it all depends on you. The result of the divination is only a warning, not an inevitability. But the positive predictions will make you smile and believe in yourself.

Select what you want to guess. On the cards, runes, playing dice or book of changes. You can use all ways at once.

Tarot cards

To learn how to read Tarot cards, buy a regular playing deck of 36 or 52 sheets. But you can buy Tarot cards if you wish to use this form of card divination.

In the Tarot deck, most likely, there are nested for divination. Carefully read the instructions, you can begin to guess.

But the ways of balance playing cards set. This "Gypsy" and "Divination on the event, and the balance of Mary Lenormand. The methods of divination on the maps described in many books on divination. To learn how to read Tarot playing cards, you should buy this book.

Divination on the runes

To learn how to read runes, you can start with the most simple method. Look in any book or journal the image of the runes and their meanings. Make yourself a rune deck: draw on paper and cut out, or make a deck out of wood.

Concentrate and ask the runes a question you. Pull from the deck one rune. View the meaning of the runes. It will be the answer to your question.

Guessing on the book of changes

Since ancient times the book of changes had a special significance. After all, this book can give a complete answer to the question.

There is a very simple method of divination by the book of changes. This method of divination is described in the "Book of changes" and thematic books, calendars, etc.

Take three coins. Ask the book of changes questions. Throw coins one at a time or all together. If left two or three heads, draw on a sheet solid horizontal line. If there were two or three "tails" - a discontinuous line. Throw the coins 6 times. The lines draw from the bottom up. In the end it should be six horizontal lines.

The interpretation is based on comparison of the upper and lower lines. Interpretation of the results of this divination can be found in the "Book of changes" or manuals on divination.
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