The art of palmistry has many incomprehensible to the uninitiated moments. The technique that is being read from the palm of information lies in the ability to understand codes lines and decryption of these concepts so that people could understand their meaning. For this and need a mediator-a palmist, who will translate the language of the lines more understandable for the person who wants to learn their fate.

How to start learning palmistry

The basis of palmistry knowledge about the meaning of different forms of palm, fingers, and signs and lines on the surface of the palm. Each line occupies a certain position in the palm of your hand and has a name on it, there can be various signs which also have a certain value.

The lines on the palm can for life change that can confirm palmists practice. Curious it is not difficult to verify this independently. This can, for example, to make the handprints using a certain amount of time and compare then 5-6 pieces. If the prints were run about once a month, compare the results after six months – the difference is not particularly strong, but noticeable.

Lines change slowly – they can appear, disappear, move, change length. The most unstable position on the palm is a health line, a different line of mercury. It depends on the changes in the life of the individual. If people tend to ruin their own health, has bad habits, the line of mercury will react to such behavior and report information about health on this length of time.

Is it true that the lines are changed only on one hand

People with an active right hand, i.e. right handed, right hand, wondering about the events that happen in a person's life, about children, about family. The line on the right hand to carry a predictive value, and their decoding reopened future. The left hand line reflects the inherent in man's potential, his individual abilities at birth, he could inherit from parents, possible karmic debts that will have to work. Change inclined line that is at right hand – this shows how a person realizes birth possible.

On the left hand watching the events that was in the past, on the right – those that are yet to happen. Those people who have the leading hand is the left, consider the line should be the opposite: right hand and wondering about the past, on the left - about the future.