You will need
  • tutorial palmistry.
Before learning the interpretation of the lines on the hand, it is necessary to study them. Find any textbook that describes the structure of a palm from the point of view of palmistry. You don't have to learn – just determine on his palm, all the basic elements that are on the drawings. Reading later interpretation, you should be able to quickly find the hand referred to the lines and mounds.
Palmistry is based on the assertion that the appearance is closely linked to internal (and Vice versa). The nature of the human being and his qualities in a certain way affect the structure of the hands. Palmistry is an empirical science, its findings made on the basis of the practical study of the characteristics of people, their personalities and destinies. Bred by palmists patterns are reasonably accurate, so it can be used to determine a person's character.
On the left hand you will be able to identify qualities present in the person of his talents, tendencies, traits, etc. the Right hand shows how it can be implemented. This rule applies for right-handers, left-handers the opposite.
Lines of the hands can change, this suggests that predictions are not inevitable. How change lines, depends on the development or degradation of human personality. There is an interesting and quite efficient method of correction of destiny by artificially drawing the "correct" line. Analyzing this fact, we can understand that not only the external affects the internal, and Vice versa – changing the line on your palm, you can change external events.
Aktsentiruete not only on the lines of the hand. The entire picture can be seen only in the case if you analyze all the details of the human hand in conjunction. Namely, the shape of the hand and fingers, color of the palm, patterns, signs.
Line begin to read with the Life line. Then look at the line of Head and Heart, then Fate, Sun and Health. Rate the hills, the combination of characters with lines. Only then can we draw any concrete conclusions.
Never sulite person's death, even if you see all the signs of its approach. The task of the palmist is to warn the person, to help him avoid unpleasant events. In this respect, palmistry closely connected with astrology and its famous rule – "the Stars incline but do not oblige". Warn the person, tell him what he should avoid, when and what he needs to be especially careful.
Remember that palmistry is a art. And, as in any art, genuine elevation in her making units. A good palmist is also a psychic, for which the palm of the person only entry point into his inner world.