Turn on your mobile computer and open the tray DVD drive. Insert the disc, close the tray and restart the laptop. Immediately after turning on your mobile device, tap the F8 key. It is worth noting that with certain models of mobile computers you need to press a different key.
Wait until a window with the list of available devices. Select Internal DVD-Rom and press Enter. After a while on the screen you should see the message Press any key to boot from CD. If you need to run programs from disc, press any button of the keyboard.
Unfortunately, it is not always possible to use the quick menu change the boot device. If after pressing F8 mobile computer continued to boot normally, turn off the device. Again turn on the laptop and press F2. Select Start BIOS and press Enter.
After entering the menu the motherboard tab, Boot Options or Boot Settings. Look for Boot Device Priority or similar. Install the item First Boot Device option Internal DVD-Rom. Return to the main menu screen of the BIOS. Click Save & Exit. Press the Enter key and after the computer restarts, wait for the message Press any key to boot from CD.
If your mobile computer does not have built-in DVD drive, use the portable device connected to a USB port. Connect the external DVD drive with the laptopom. Insert the device need disk. Repeat the operations described in the previous steps. In this case, you must select the device External DVD-Rom. If you have a bootable flash drive, set in BIOS the boot priority for USB-HDD.