Advice 1: How to restart a laptop

List the reasons for the unresponsiveness of the computer/laptop is quite large: crashing the system files of the operating system, overloading of system resources, a bad sector on the hard drive, overheating of internal parts, damage from viruses and other. When the laptop freezes it should be restarted.
How to restart a laptop
You will need
  • - administrator rights.
Laptops, unlike desktops, do not have the case Reset button. Therefore, when hanging the system user is one solution: fully shut down the device. For this you have to press the power button and keep pressed until until the laptop shuts down (usually 30 seconds). Usually button all the time kept in the pressed state. Users often do not wait for time off, and think that their laptop is not turned off.
If the shutdown occurred due to severe overheating (it feels abnormally hot air near the ventilation holes of your laptop), give it time to cool down. Operation of the laptop in this condition will damage components, and will necessarily lead to imminent failure. Can use special stands that have built-in fans for cooling.
If the result of the forced shutdown of the laptop has failed to boot, use system restore. Some laptops (e.g. Samsung) have built-in recovery partition system. Insert the operating system disk and select "system Restore".
If after a forced shutdown the laptop does not respond to pressing the power button, contact the service center. Most likely, the device hang-up occurred due to an internal defect of parts, to eliminate that can only specialists. Do not attempt to open the laptop case yourself. Such actions will void your warranty on the device if the warranty period has not yet ended. Contact the experts at the service center, and you will definitely help to solve this problem, but you will have to pay.

Advice 2: How to reboot a laptop if it's frozen

Hovering the laptop - the unpleasant phenomenon. It can hang due to failures in the programs either because of lack of system resources. Rebooting a hung laptop can be accomplished in several ways.
How to reboot a laptop if it's frozen
If you find that your laptop crashed, do not rush immediately to take emergency measures. Try to restart by standard methods. Enter the menu "start" - "shutdown" - "Restart." If not, try to bring up task Manager with CTRL+ALT+DEL. If task Manager has started successfully, restart can be avoided by removing not meeting objectives and completing resource-intensive processes. If that doesn't work, click the task Manager button "shutdown" and then there is the string "Reset". The laptop needs to reboot.
The second method of restarting the laptop with something similar to pressing the Reset button on a desktop. If "start" is not running and task Manager does not start, you can restart the computer by pressing and holding the button power on. This method will work in any way, since retention of this button programmatically power off the laptop.
If the first two methods do not help, you can resort to drastic measures. To restart the laptop, unplugging it from the mains and removing the battery.
Switched on the laptop after an emergency restart, the operating system can start scan disks for errors. Wait until the end of this check and verify that errors are found and corrected.

Emergency shutdown can lead to the appearance of the menu boot options of the operating system. If the operating system cannot boot normally, boot in safe mode to eliminate the effects off without causing damage to the system.
Useful advice
Save it often results of your work because when you restart, any unsaved data will be lost permanently.

Before pressing the off button or removing the battery be sure to try to "revive" the laptop.
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