Advice 1: How to enchant a man-fish

Menborn under the water signs of the zodiac are not the easiest characters and, as a rule, escape from women's hands, as soon as you feel uncomfortable. And if you want to win the heart of a male Pisces, you need to possess peculiar qualities and specific knowledge.
Attract the attention of men-Fish with his mystery and naturalness
For the men-Fish are extremely important to have close people around understand it. So listen to everything he says. Great if you will share many interests with him, then share your books, music, go to the movies, and then enthusiastically discuss together what they saw.
The man-Fish has a high thrust to all esoteric, mystical, religious. Conversations, filled with a high sense, on the fate and karma of the subtle invisible world and your place in it – all very interested in fish, so read a few books and study esoteric at least. Be prepared for long philosophical conversations.
You need to learn how to maintain a tricky balance between sensuality, femininity and strength, independence. Harshness, excessive independence frighten a gentle and vulnerable man-Fish, but a gentle girl breathes indomitable freedom would drive him crazy. Importantly, this freedom and it fit.
Be sufficiently mysterious, unusual. Simplicity will not attract minimal attention, as the man-Fish is looking for a special lady, kind heroine from the books and movie. Your naturalness and uniqueness at least interested in the fish for a long time.
Many read, watch intellectual movies, interested in cultural life, but always find a fun and creative activity that, in the first place, will surprise the man-fish. This may be the needlework, which you don't show to many. You must be willing to enter into a deep and multi-faceted world of men, but your inner world should also bring him with its endless labyrinths.
Keep everything going on his mind, but it should not block the view of a man-Fish. Don't forget, you have to understand, this is the main rule. As soon as arguments, and you are not ready to concede the man-Fish, he is likely to feel a sense of anxiety and insecurity in you.
Men-fish, a high sexual energy, erotic attitude are important along with the spiritual part. Surprise fish every time, at the same time stay natural and spontaneous.
That's what will come across the man-Fish think that you can expect any unexpected turn, as everything that happens is not prepared in advance, and organically for you. This will excite him more and more each time, and waiting for a meeting with you will seem unbearable to him. This means that you are on the right track.
How to get back a Pisces man. This mysterious sign of the zodiac. This man is a dreamer. He is so direct that he gets away with everything. The Pisces man very sensual sex. But you have to take the initiative. He can be timid and shy. Although seeks to pleasure a woman. If you want to marry a man Fish, you have to take him by the hand to the Registrar.
Useful advice
Yes, and don during my first meeting with him didn't feel like he has surrounded himself with an impregnable wall, causing the shyness of everyone who dared to approach him? Indeed, it is not easy to understand the hearts and emotions of men-Fish. If you hurt him, and he has no desire to return to you, only hope to change his attitudes. Try to use all possible ways to regain lost confidence, although this is very difficult. So get ready for the most difficult and believe in luck.

Advice 2: How to win the man-fish

If you prefer to be active in the relationship then the man-Fish created just for you. Many have to work hard to win, but the result will exceed all your expectations.
Be active, if you want to win the man-Fish
You will need
  • Perseverance
  • Date ideas
  • Scented candles
Take the man-Fish as he is indecisive, immersed in their own world. Don't try to make him strong-willed personality. Love and treat him with tenderness and understanding. This is the key to winning this zodiac sign.
Become his friend, share his Hobbies. Speak with him on important topics, listen to his thoughts on various occasions (even if you don't quite understand). So the man-Fish will feel happy and will strive to spend more time with you.
Show more activity in a relationship to win the man-Fish. Confess your love to him, arrange romantic candlelight dinners with or without cause, call him several times a day. Fish constantly need confirmation of your feelings to reciprocate.
To win the man-Fish, often encourage it. It is only with your help will be able to deal with sadness and apathy. And one day he will realize that without you, he can no longer live.
Remember that the men-Fish are very vulnerable and will not tolerate a critical attitude. Once is enough to hurt the Fish, and the consequences can be very destructive.
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