Which Zodiac signs fit the male Fish?

Among the earth signs is the ideal partner for men-Fish is Taurus. This practical and proactive woman ready to take on the role of the organizer in the family and is able to give your woman happiness, and harmony. The man-Fish would make these relationships romance and sophistication. However, over time, its softness and pliability will begin to irritate spirited woman-Taurus. But most often such unions still be happy and long.

With the signs of his element, the man-Fish has great compatibility and most fit for him, Cancer and Scorpio. Women of these Zodiac signs, he will be able to build an almost perfect relationship based on deep love and understanding. In the face of the representative of the sign of the Fishes he can find a soul mate, a reflection of himself. However, if none of the partners would not agree to take on the role of leader, this relationship will not last long.

The most suitable companion for the man-Fish among the air signs is Aquarius. This woman is able to understand the dreamy Pisces and looks at the world the same admiring and trusting eyes. But if the man in this couple will lead too passive a way of life Aquarius may end the relationship. With the fiery signs of Fish get along the worst, but a happy Union is possible with an Aries. Will he durable and sturdy, it depends on what type belongs to man. If he doesn't have sufficient commitment, his relationship with practical and active woman-the Aries will not last long.

Which Zodiac signs fit the female Fish?

Astrologers recommend dreamy and sensitive woman-Fish to look for the elect among the earth and water signs of the Zodiac. The most appropriate representative of the element of earth for a woman-Pisces is Virgo. Practical, responsible and reliable man-Virgo can be her perfect companion. Among the signs of the water element best partner for Pisces is Scorpio. The woman brings this Union of ease, serenity and romance, and the man makes his passionate and temperamental.

Another suitable partner for a woman-Pisces is a man-Libra. Partners in this Union respect the independence and internal freedom of each other, in addition, they bring together such General traits as romanticism and sensibility. At the same time, both of these sign are indecision and unwillingness to take responsibility, therefore, to create a strong and lasting relationship they will have to work hard.

Pretty good is the Union of women Fish and men-Aries, but it is found rarely, as relations between the representatives of these Zodiac signs usually remain at the level of fleeting Hobbies. With other fire signs Pisces combines bad.