Create a business plan. It should describe all aspects of the work, especially in the beginning, what resources are needed to sustain the business. The plan should be comprehensive and include a detailed budget narrative. Examples of finished business plans can be found on the Internet.
Think about the target audience. Who will be sent to the store? What clothes will you offer? A small shop of clothes is not a big Department store that can satisfy all buyers. Boutiques usually spetsializiruyutsya on a particular line of clothing. Also a small shopyou only sell women's clothes or men's only. In this case, remember that women statistically spend more time and money buying clothesthan men.
Get the necessary licenses. The business can be registered as individual entrepreneur, partnership or Corporation. Choose what suits you best.
Find supplier. It is also crucial for success in business. Supplier, manufacturer or distributor will supply the store with clothes in accordance with the latest trends in fashion. The supplier will also help to determine the amount of profit from the sale of various items of clothing. Look at the schedule of supplies and prices for them.
Select a suitable location. Depending on the nature of the business and the type of storeand clothes should choose its proper location. For example, a boutique with expensive clothes it is best to place in a shopping Mall or Paris. Shops with inexpensive clothing and high discounts suitable for industrial area with low rent. Location will have a big impact on the type of clientele.
Decorate the store. It should have appropriate atmosphere. For example, it can have soft lighting, carpeting and other materials that help to make the space cozy and comfortable.