The easiest and most popular method is to write a note about your feelings and put it in a briefcase or in a coat pocket to his girlfriend.
Note you can also put in a notebook or textbook. Ask her notebook under the pretext of something to write and put a note in the place of the answer made the last record. Be sure, very soon she'll see your confession.
If there is a festival – February 14, March 8, her birthday – use this pretext, and give her a card with a Declaration of love.
If to such large date is still far away, and a card to give you want, check the online calendar of holidays. On such resources shall include all commemorative dates, such as "Eastern new year", "world day of kindness" or "Day whale", so you can choose the original holiday to your taste. Congratulate her with something interesting. In this case, you don't even have to write a confession of love. The girl who received the postcard for this original occasion, will definitely be interested in what purpose you gave it to me, and you will be able to see any feelings for you she feels.
Since we're talking about the Internet, with the help of it you will also be able to make a confession. Surely you and your beloved are registered in any social networks (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc.). Send her a personal message of recognition through this social network.
Send her a text admitting to love, if you know her mobile number. SMS can be sent through the Internet sites of mobile operators. It will be useful to you in case you want to make your confession anonymous, not signing who it's from.
The next option is designed for the knowledge of female psychology. If you find it difficult to convey love to his girlfriend, you can casually ask her best friend who is in love with your beloved. Everything else the girlfriend will make herself tell her your question and will make the assumption that you're in love. However, the girlfriend can tell not only your girlfriend but to the entire class, so use this method only if sure of his beloved friend.
If you're not afraid of your love learn many, use another popular method of acceptance – write it with paint on the pavement under the Windows of his classmate. Be sure that she will appreciate the romance of this recognition.