Do not put in advance on a cross! Often guys arewondering how best to talk with a girl feel insecure, embarrassed. Especially if the lady is very beautiful, and the young man appearance to boast can not. He seems to be ready to accept failure, they say, so beautiful to him, and will not look. This is incorrect. Remember: the appearance of the guy in the first place for girls. There are cases when a dazzling beauty marry people with a shabby appearance and a happy marriage. So it is not complex, do not belittle yourself.
Try to immediately stand out from the crowd, attract attention. Needless to say, you are the only representative of the stronger sex, which communicates with this girl. She certainly has friends, even Boyfriends. Do something that she is interested in you and thought, "this guy is definitely something there".
But don't lose your head. To attract a girl's attention a deadly trick, for example, is just silly. Even if you are a good athlete, to risk life is not worth it. But to give her some nice, unexpected surprise. Sing a Serenade under her balcony, for example. Or lay under it also a sea of flowers - to the best of your finances.
To enter the Fort, you must know its weaknesses! Do not take the time and effort to gather about the girl details. What she likes, what music to listen to, what are her Hobbies, attitudes, habits. And delicately, gently offer it to her. She likes this movie? Invite to the movies. She is delighted with this group? Show two tickets to their concert. She loves Greek food? Book a table in a restaurant appropriate subjects.
There is usually installed another unforgettable Kozma Prutkov: "Haste is needed only when catching fleas." Remember: girls do not like rude pressure. They prefer to take care of them. Try to impress the lady of his heart the impression of a decent, reliable, serious man who can be trusted, who will not fail.
And when you feel that it's a pleasure to be in your society that she is sincerely glad for you, and then say the phrase: "Let's meet".