Option 1 is appealing sincerity
To come and just say that the girl you like and would like to invite her to a movie / concert / the zoo. There is nothing more attractive than candor. If you learn together, sit near her in the student cafeteria or in the library — but not for long, just for 10 minutes. If you have the same company, at a party or someone's birthday before please say that you are fascinated with and would like to fall under her spell again.
Option 2 — striking scale
Send your sweetheart a bouquet at work or in the audience. Climb up to her window on the fire tap. Down with equipment industrial climber. Even the most modest girls appreciate a public display of affection. So your feat. Probably will be appreciated.
Option 3 — an intriguing unknown
Find out her number and join the conversation, but only with a sense of proportion: let a decent compliments and only a couple of times a day (otherwise, your molestation will repel). But after she melts in front of your epistolary charm, open incognito. Inscriptions in chalk on the pavement under the Windows, too, will go to the cause.
Option 4 — credible
Finally, the long and difficult, but the most reliable way to demonstrate their feelings of becoming needed. Help the girl with preparing for the driving test, installing the OS on her computer, development of needed programmes. Or donate a ticket to the concert of the musician, which she likes, when she later caught on and all the seats are sold out. Thank you it can, when you come into the auditorium and next to you. Is this a coincidence?